About Us

Wool Store Insulation is commited to offering the very best quality products to consumers, the very best installation service available, guaranteed competitive prices, as well as excellent customer friendly service and practices.


  • We are a medium sized family enterprise boasting in excess of eighty years experience in the manufacture of home and building insulation products.
  • Our company philosophy is very much oriented toward the personal aspects of dealing with customers, and we strive to achieve the highest possible standards both in the products we manufacture and the service we offer.
  • Largest Wool and Polyester insulation manufacturer in WA.
  • Albany Woolbatts were originally manufactured by Albany Woollen Mills, which began operating in Albany in 1924. We have also chosen to base our manufacturing plant in Albany due to the availability if highly skilled local operators.
  • To ensure that our choice of a regional City does not affect your price, we provide a subsidised delivery service to all areas of Western Australia.
  • Our aim is simply to make our customers more comfortable whatever the climatic conditions.


All products offered for sale by Woolstore Insulation carry a ‘Life of the Premises’ guarantee. We continually monitor the quality of our products so as to ensure that only those products that meet our rigorous standards will be made available.

Customer Satisfaction

‘A few words to let you know I am very pleased with the Albany Woolbatts. At my previous abode I had air-conditioning, I have no air-conditioning here and on the 15th November it was 37 degrees outside and 27 degrees inside. On the 11th December it was 33 degrees outside and 20 degrees insiden the 12th December it was 35 degrees outside and 22 degrees inside! Visitors could not believe it.’

— Louise

Ongoing Savings