The Advantages of Wool

The advantages that wool has as a versatile textile fibre derive from its complex physical and chemical structure. Wool is composed of more than 20 amino acids which form long chains, or polymers, of protein. Two different types of cells, the paracortex and the ortho-cortex, develop into a three-dimensional corkscrew pattern, or helical crimp, of great elasticity. The coiled springs of wool’s molecular chains contribute to the fibre's resilience. The outer cuticle and epicotyl layers of fibre give wool its ability to shed water yet readily admit water vapour. The fibre's structure is one of great flexibility and adaptability to different environments.

Due to wool's intricate structure, it has two major advantages over manmade fibres — it breaths and traps air, giving higher thermal and acoustic ratings over other insulators. Wool can act as a buffer or stabilizer to reduce peak humidity levels and condensation — this has been confirmed in research conducted by the International Wool Secretariat.

About The Fibre

Natural Protection Against Cold, Heat and Noise

For centuries, wool has protected sheep from extreme weather conditions, and has been used as insulation in Europe since the eighteenth century.

Wool Store Insulation has researched and developed a natural wool insulation product suitable for the varied Australian conditions. Wool Store Insulation is focusing on the need to conserve our precious energy while still providing effective insulation solutions to the market. When you install Wool Store Insulation products, you are installing a completely safe and effective Australian product, manufactured by a 100% Australian owned Company. All products are fully tested and carry a life of the premises guarantee.

Why Wool?

Research by the CSIRO shows that wool performs better as an insulator. Wool is a natural, active fibre and traps large columns of air that provide high resistance to heat flow. Wool Store Insulation manufactures a wide range of Wool Insulation. The embodied energy of wool is one of the lowest of all insulating materials — wool is one of the wonders of the world for insulating. Wool Store Insulation manufactures a wide range of thermal and acoustic insulation products using wool to suit individual requirements and budgets.

Save Money

Insulation can cut the cost of heating and cooling by over 40%. A properly insulated building could pay for itself in approximately three to four years. A typical building without insulation will require over 70% more heating and cooling energy than the same building with ceiling, wall and floor insulation.

Just like investing money in a bank, a good return can be made on insulation in the form of energy savings. This return, unlike bank interest, is tax free, and will grow as energy prices rise. Saving on energy is one of the best investments there is for both new and existing buildings.

Not only will you be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, insulation actually adds value to your home.

Reduce Energy Use