The Natural Choice

Wool Store Insulation is a company conceived out of a deep seated social consciousness about the future of today’s environment, both globally and socially. With this in mind, we affirm the following:

Wool Store Insulation will continue to provide a wide range of competitively priced insulation products that are environmentally responsible.

By ‘environmentally responsible’ we mean:

  • Products that pose no known health risks to installers or building residents
  • Products that are, where possible, made from renewable resources rather than non-renewable resources.
  • Products that are long-lasting enough to carry a guarantee for the lifetime of the building into which they are installed, but at their eventual disposal, are, where possible, completely biodegradable.
  • Products that will not pollute the air, water or soil.
  • Products that insulate to an exceptionally high standard, maximising the positive effect of insulating and ensuring the largest possible energy savings, and the greatest contribution to the health, safety and comfort of building users.
  • Products that are locally made to reduce the negative impact of transportation on the environment as much as possible.

The Healthy Choice

Choosing a safe product is important — that's why all Wool Store Insulation products are made from only the safest materials — wool and polyester. These materials have none of the health risks associated with other forms of insulation.

Help Protect the Environment

When less fuel is used for heating and cooling, less carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere. This helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 9 tonnes per year per household.

Global Warming

By providing insulation, Wool Store Insulation is providing a way for people to make a significant contribution in reducing carbon emissions. We will continue to provide people with a product that they can use to increase the comfort and liveability of the buildings in which they work and live, that do not in themselves pose any risks to the environment.

Ongoing Savings